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Tagged “linux”

  1. Introducing
  2. Export Dropbox
  3. Bash Remove Extension
  4. Nginx + Cloudflare SSL
  5. Update to the capistrano hack
  6. direnv is one of the coolest tools ever
  7. Bash prompt linewrap with colors issues
  8. Renaming batch of files (with spaces) in linux
  9. How to change from mate-terminal to xfce4-terminal
  10. How to output pretty json in puppet
  11. Debugging ssh+svn
  12. Nuvexport
  13. gforge woes and praise
  14. X-Forwarding Just Rocks
  15. Possible Upgrade
  16. Lego Starwars
  17. Dovecot and Squirrelmail
  18. Apparenly i'm widely known?
  19. 2.6.x
  20. Sucks to be me
  21. Mailserver Update Update
  22. Server Upgrade
  23. Site Updates, don't forget about stacy's mom, 'cause she has it going on.
  24. XARGS FUN!
  26. Mail Server Upgrades
  27. Gentoo++

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