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The Nameless Site

Site Updates, don't forget about stacy's mom, 'cause she has it going on.

I think, After exams are over (yes, I have another dose of midterms this week.. well one..), I might have to do a site update. The font sizes and other such items help to make my writing look very... unprofessional (so does the ... I use all the time).

I also have to do a small plug for mrtg 'cause its such an awsome tool, that produces pretty graphs, which are way more customizeable than I've used so far. That and snmpd makes mrtg so easy to setup.

Speaking of snmp, I've learned quite a lot in the last week about it. And actually think one of these sensor probes would really be cool, except way to expensive. I'd love to be able to graph the temperature in this room. Actually, I probably could use a rss feed or something and a simple perl script, but it would not be in this room, more outside.

Most of which I've started to learn from Kasia's blog anyways.