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Jedi Academy

Just finished Jedi Academy. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I did Jedi Outcast Although I never did finish playing that one through.

This game was ... sorta dull, and didn't take really any time at all. I started playing it monday morning, went to school, came back, then played it yesterday and today.. 3 days or so, about the lengh of max payne 1, and VERY EASY. Except some of the puzzles were quite annoying 'cause voice tips were only played once "Go that way, and you'll find a doorway"... which way is that way? "You take this entrance, i'll take the other" while your partner was standing infront of 2 entrances...

I did like how the game entually did give you a chance to make a different light saber, but unfortuatly, it was after you got half way though the game, so if you decided you didn't like that saber, you really had to go all the way through it again (or like myself, made a save file just before the end of the level 😄).

The biggest problems came up near-er to the end, when you started to have partners taking "helping" you out with lightsaber battles. They tended to get into your way, and you'd kill them. Or thier absolute horrible path finding abilites would get them stuck behind a wall, or whatever else.

The best part though was the one "mission" that started you off with no lightsaber (is it lightsaber or lightsabre? I think saber) and had to get out of a base using found weapons and force powers, which was so much more enjoyable than walk in, slice slice slice, oh the mission is over?

Overall, i'd have to give it:

3 / 5 stars

Maybe I was a little harsh, but I really didn't find it THAT enjoyable. I hope Knights of the Old Republic doesn't disappoint me, I have high hopes for it, unfortuatly, that usually means that it will 😦 I still am a sucker for just about anything starwars though. I think i'll try the sith arc this time, even if it is just for one mission or whatever... Actually, maybe later, those final few levels are annoying.