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I just doubled my respect for gentoo tonight.

Since my fan is broken, i've been spending alot more time in the guest room where my laptop currently is, mainly due to the fact that its IS alot cooler than my room (without the fan, its 0 air flow) and 'cause the tv is here, which allows me to vedge out alot easier. Anyways, back to the point, since I'm in here alot more, and my laptop is setup here, I've been spending more time using gentoo (which from the computers page, you'd know runs gentoo), i've decided todo an update, it must have been months since I've done one.

While updating my use flags, I noticed there was one for nwn.. at first it was confusing, then I realized, it was for Never Winter Nights... Not only does it have the dedicated server as an ebuild, but it also has the client, and a hack to get the data files, which rocks.

While this computer is barely able to run the client, well at least when i first tried the windows client on here, it would rock as a simple InHouse-NWN dedicated server, with the possibility of opening the router up to allow incoming connections to those ports. (Side Note:Need to finish setting it up as a better firewall too)

That would be soo cool, i don't know of anyone who would want to, or could come over to play on the server, but it would still be more fun than anything else.

Now only if they had a good movable type client for linux I'd be all set.