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Good News / Bad New

We Get to play another game of good news bad news tonight.

Bad News On one of the hottest days as of lately, my fan dies, so now my room is completely air circulation proof 😦 I'll have to bug mom to get me a new fan, or goto dads more, or even move there.

Awesomely good news I got asked today if i knew any programmers who were wanting to get involved in a project using a commercial engine... So I'm now going to probably be working on a game that uses the bioware engine (I believe the neverwinter nights one), which is cool, i just gotta find some other interested people, i think I'm going to ask Jordan and Richard, the only real issue is that since bioware doesn't want it leaving the office, we have to work there instead.

So i got another game to work on, this one, and the program with userinfokanis, so I'll be quite busy for a while.. YAY! i like being busy, makes me less depressed, but i still need to become more social.

Side Note: stupid slashdot people