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Lego Starwars

Tried LEGO Starwars this morning. Man, it was very cute, everything is done in LEGO, and you can destroy most things with your lightsaber / blaster.

Okay, overall it was kinda enjoyable once I got into it, but the default controls were atrocious at best, there were at least 4 main keys, one for firing/attacking, one for jumping, one for "special" and one for talking. And they aren't the normal layout one expects for games, they are layed out so one player is on the keypad, one is on the keyboard. Which is really annoying when you are used to having it spread out.

Though I have to admit, it brings back a bit of memories from the old arcade style double dragon games, where you could grab a friend and play 2 players. It even has puzzles that you would need to cooperate on.

The first time through the game, I was really, unimpressed, but for some reason, I went back and tried it again, I think because at one point they suggest you go around collecting all these "extras" to gain some secret demo code or something. And I have to admit, trying it again, it was alot more interesting than I though.

The only truely downside was that they tried to be funny a few times, when something blew up and a person was in the object (such as a ship), they'd do the old looney toons cliff drop style .. thing. Where they suddenly realize there is nothing underneithe them, and suddenly fall down into peices of lego... I found that really didn't belong in a starwars game.

Overall, I'd say it was a fun demo, but I wouldn't buy the full game, its just not that interesting.