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Macross Plus

Macross Plus has to be one of the few animes that I like better dubbed than subbed. Sonic X would be another, but it was pretty crappy to start with.

Maybe its just because I used to watch Macross Plus back on teletoon so many years ago when it was dubbed only, but i find now listening to the japanese audio track very hard, the characters don't seem to have the same emotion, and I always prefer watching things without subs.

The only real issue I have with the dub, is the songs, they really should have left them the originals, as really, the timing of the words do not match up at all. A song and its notes tend to end on the end of the line right? Well at least it sorta does. With this, the words might be the same, but they would end on weird points in the line, or rush to fit it in with the music.

Yes, and thats my awesome first post in a while, reviewing an anime and barely an review at all.