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X-Forwarding Just Rocks

linux1 min read

I will be the first to admit that I hate cygwin, it works just enough that its nice, but breaks more often than not so its so frustrating.

6742 2005 07 30 SNAG 0004

But as I was reading up on setting up the mail server properly, I found a quick tip for cygwin. Just install the X Server so you can X-Forward to a regular box.

So now I have the option of running applications on my server (well firewall / dev box, server is elsewhere) and having the GUI show up here. No sound, but thats dealable with one other day anyways.

And yes, on that screenshot is Evolution AND Ms Outlook 2003 (been playing with thunderbird forever, but it keeps breaking, timing out connections on me, I have to tweak with settings)

So yes, I totally recomend the x-server section of Cygwin, don't need anything else.

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