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gforge woes and praise

Apparently setting up a gforge setup with true chroot shells and such is alot harder than it looks. I've been quite happy with the patches to openssh for this.. but trying to re-create an environment that is conductive to building projects is that much harder.. I've given up right now on copying all the files i might eventually need and focus on looking into distcc.. I'm wondering if i can use that tool to escape the chroot long enough to compile everything and send back the code. I wish i could just easily search for forums on I mean its doable, but a pain in the ass. Its really made me appreciate packaging again. So much so i'm thinking of getting my own 1U server going up at peer 1 or something. Something I have physical access to, can pre-setup and harden on my own before putting it on the net, and not be stuck with redhat EH. I can't even use the auto updating tools to update it.