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Thunderbird Vs Evolution

Been actually running linux at home now that I finally have a tv and no longer need the incoming tv signal (aka TV Tuner) that the ATI Radieon 9600 AIW provided me to play xbox. (Yes, I was actually playing xbox on the computer that way) Anyways, being on linux now, I decided to go back to trying to use evolution (like I used back at the office), only to find out that It barely worked in the version of Ubuntu Linux that I had downloaded. Then again, its very likely the setup I have on my own mail server, but it worked on the version of evolution that I had at work without problems, although now I get an ssl warning and its very slow to connect (I have poor bandwidth at home). Okay, it seems pretty much to be the way this linux distro is working. Thunderbird is crashing when I try to use the SSL connection (forgot I hadn't enabled it when I started writing this). Even with that slight flaw, if you are just doing email, it seems Mozilla Thunderbird actually works cleaner for email than evolution.

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erock: go linux!