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Robin Williams

In a recent interview with USA Today, Robin Williams informed them that he collects a lot of anime and is looking forward to seing Steamboy. He comments, "The Japanese are very aware that animation isn't just for kids to the point of making pornography. They make deeply dark movies, science-fiction movies." - Source Anime News Network

Wow, I see alot of really weird articles froming from the ANN, but this one really stands out.

I'm a big fan of robin williams, even his more serious work like Patch Adams, but after reading this, I have to say, my respect has reached a new high for him. I've been saying for a while now how the japanese animations can be both dark and light and fluffy, while the stuff that is created here, its always very .. kiddy. Now I am not saying I do not enjoy the american animations, such as Shrek, The Incredibles, Lilo And Stich, or even the saturday morning cartoons (Batman, x-men, justice league, etc).. but there are alot of good deep/dark animations from japan that just don't match anything here.