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The starting of Final Cut

The starting of Final Cut reminds me ALOT of the book Speaker For the Dead.

The movie itself is a very interesting, deals with trying to make videos of people's memories for a "rememory", just like a "speaker" did in the book.

I'm not a very big fan of thriller type movies, infact i've left (okay, well i've never left a theater, but i have left rooms) / turned off a few. But this one seems really interesting. I guess I really do like just about everything Robin Williams.

Yea, so far so good.. lets hope it turns out good.

Okay, it turned out really good, the ended was so left open-ended, not in a to be continue way, but more that you can't tell what would happen right after the final scene, its left up to your imagination. Actually, the entire thing is that way, things are implied, but not explicitly shown.

I don't know how I'd feel if my life was entirely recorded and I had no say in it. I guess it would be different if everyone did it, but in this movie, you had to be well off to afford an implant that recorded your life, so, as they said, it was about 1 in 20, and its not only thier life being recorded, but it was everyone else's around them.

Yea, as much as I don't care about my own personal secrets, I wouldn't want things I'm keeping secret for other people getting out.