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Winter Diorama Christmas Present

So things started with this random post on /r/3dprinting where I saw this really cool diorama. I, as most people do in that sub, asked OP if they were up for sharing the designs.

I got really excited cause I think it could make a fun simple gift. The Prusa MK3s was big enough to do the parts in 2 batches.

First was just the trees

3d printed trees on bed of 3d printed

Next was the animals and the base. The base I actually ended up re-printing after deciding to do a led strip on the bottom (I'll be posting a remix asap).

3d printed animals and base on bed of 3d printer

Picked up a simple LED strip from the electronics stored, and a bunch of barrel plugs, and 12V 1A plugs, and as such, got an excuse to do a bit of soldering which I don't often get to do, and even got to use the heat shrink wrap which I've never used before.

Soldering iron with led strip

The final soldering looks pretty good. Was able to get the led strip in nicely, a bunch of hot glue later

Soldered LED strip with base

Ended up with this super nice gift for my mom.

Finished diorama