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My Second Fringe Show: How to Adult

I'm not sure what to say about this one.

I had so much fun at grounded, I figured I would check out another Fringe show when I got back from traveling. Arranged to go with a different friend this time, picked a recommended show, a musical, one that was billed as a comedy, and off we went.

I'll admit, I felt a bit excited being in line the second time. I knew about the membership thing (based on grounded, and my one viff experience this year), so helped redirect people as we were waiting. Get into the theater, its pretty packed. Managed to find a pair of seats on the side, unlike the giant movie theaters, being on the side really didn't matter too much.

Show opens with a woman sitting down on a couch, putting headphones on, watching tv on her laptop. Few seconds later, a friend shows up, all sniffling and huffy. Ends up rolling herself up in the carpet (hard to explain). Lastly shows up the third friend. These turn out to be the main cast, with one more guy showing up later rounding out the cast to a total of 4.The main guy's voice was absolutely amazing, I'm kinda sad he didn't sing more.

It was a very cute little show. Touched on a lot of stuff, threw in a bunch of humor where they could, but nothing to overshadow things too much. When the characters announced they were all sub 25, I kinda groaned a bit, but thier youngness and naivety helped a lot with the concepts. Worked really well.

A couple things hit really close to home. Probably more than I'd want to talk about. But I found it uncomfortable that as the one characters birthday was coming up, the big two-five, the other two decided it was to go out for drinks and clubbing. The birthday one kept saying teasing no, stay home and watch doctor who. I'll admit, I still hate that attitude that people can only have fun getting drunk.

But yea, overall well done. Delivered the message that everyone is different. Talking is important. Things won't just be okay because you want them to. Growing up isn't all that scary. Etc. I know I felt sad at times, probably unintentional, but I did realy enjoy it. I'll admit, I even started to crush on at least one character by the end.

Fringe is over, tickets are no longer available, but I do want to link back to the group, so - How to Adult: The Musical