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The Nameless Site


Not so much as dead, as more like, busy.

I really have to get back to working on this site one of these days, as well as working on the website and my MTLJPost script and well, all kinds of other little projects i've ben pushing off.

I really like working, but I have to get back into the whole seperating work time and home time and get some fun projects done.

Does editing work?

HAHAH, so it does! wh00t, halkpost 0.2 livesssss!

now to fix up subversion so i can start commiting again.

I think things will get done more as i move back into linux at home (probably run Unbuntu as its like debian, but fits together nicer). Been running Unbunto in a vm sandbox at home for a while now, and i've liked what I've seen.

But first, I have to make it through the christmas season long enough to replace the dead hd (and its dying replacement).