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Animal Crossing and the Ideal House,

After Steve told me about Animal PartyCrossing, about how it was best for roommate situations, I started to think more about what I want in an ideal living arangement.

I think my personal preference would be to live alone, But be close enough that people would come over a lot and just hang out. Sorta like a communal house, except, if I got too stressed, I could kick people out.

Yea, I think that could be fun, people could come over, play video games and such.

I donno on the other hand it would be kinda cool to have some roommates, and setup an samba authenticated network with remote profiles (including nfs/samba home directories for *nix users). That could be fun too, except then I'd be in charge of keeping it running, which would be a nightmare. I could settle for just something simular to what we have here, the dns server and stuff, maybe even a file server for cd images or something.

Either way, I've quickly become interested in moving out once again, and job hunting, I'm really not sure what triggered it, probably not being pressured again. Either way, I gotta get started, but i Really don't know anything about how good my resume is or isn't.