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Mp3 CD Player Rant

Remember old games.. Like Mechwarrior 2? How they used to come with the game on track one, then music on the rest of the tracks?

It was really cool how you could drop a game into the cd player and listen to music.

Well recently a friend of mine reminded me how cool the mechwarrior 2 soundtrack was. Unfortuatly, when I put it into my mp3 cd player, it wouldn't play. It kept thinking it was an empty MP3 cd.

I mean, its not a big deal, I can always reburn it with just the music tracks. But I try to avoid burning music cds, if I like a song enough that I want to listen to it alot, I"ll go buy a cd with it. That reminds me, I have to pick up the kill bill soundtrack to replace the burned copy I have.

Yea, so as much as I love this new player, which can read re-writable cds and mp3 cds (which i almost never use after that first week), its sooooo much smaller than my massive old cd player (think 80s car phone vs now cell phones), but I miss being able to play my old game cds, and I paid for them. Copying them now seems.. BAH.