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Yea. Its been a long time since I've actually updated this site. I just havn't been exactly in the writing mood. But I'm back, with some cool information.

Since my screenshots arn't exactly ready yet, I'm going to start with Synergy. I'm not entirely sure if its still in active development, but as it stands, its still a very good program.

I used to use it alot when I had my laptop and desktop side by side. I'd only really want to use my full size keyboard and mouse, but taking advantage of all the school based application and data I had on my laptop.

This nifty little utility would let me do just that. I slide my mouse over to the other screen (completly customizable, except that the program should be updated to have shortcuts to move between screens), and almost 100% pretend I was actually sitting at that desk. And unlike vnc, it doesn't require a high end network, and vnc would be more for if you didn't have a monitor attached.

I am actually very happy about this program, as I said, it could be better if it had a shortcut key to manually switch windows, but even without that, its an awsome utility. Especially because of the fact it shares a clipboard, and works with any of the operating systems (my desktop is more designed for gaming, so is windows, while my laptop sometimes was linux, and they were compatible).