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Wish I Had caller ID, then I'd be cool.

Looking at the "Whatever" site (why do I keep reading that site? probably 'cause of some really cool linux hacks and such, that I promptly forget.), I noticed he mentioned a really cool program that outputs Caller ID information in various forms.. Which looks really cool, and I could have alot of fun writing different forms of clients for it... except... I don't have caller ID.. 😦 it would be cool, I know alot of people who do... but for me, its not really worth it.. Wish it would work with the cell though, 'cause I actually do get calls on that.

In Other news, I've been quite addicted to Knights of the Old Republic. This really sucks 'cause exams are in.. well.. considering its monday morning at this point, exams are just over a week.. by a few hours infact.

But I'm absolutly loving it.. It has such intersting story line, and I hope a good replay value.. Although with the exception of Fallout (and like CIV{1,2,3} and Doom{1,2} and the RTS type games), I don't really ever replay games... Well, I guess I also replay the Quest Games (ie SpaceQuest) and the Monkey Island games from time to time.

I'll try to post some screenshots at some point. But for now, I'll just have to remember the awsome double lightsaber weilding character I've managed to create... I just gotta remember to actually save more often, this is the second time today I've quit playing for a while purely for the fact I just wasted 20 min dying just after a long conversational item 😦

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j0rd: gav your post count has gone way down on this website, it's almost as bad as mine. Last time i came here i saw the xargs fun post, and theres only been like 4 since then. Rather sad actually.

Well tty on msn. bye