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PHP Meetup

Last night, Jordan and I went to the PHP Meetup. I have to say, it was pretty, non php-ness. Jordan and I spent most of the reminising about our crappy times at BCIT, and how screwed up Computer Resources was, etc...

There were a few points in the night where we talked about php, but that seemed to be quickly over for mocking school, and computer talk.

But It was really good to see jordan again, its been a long while.

He did mention the Hauppauge TV card, which now that I've completly setup my Radion 9600 All-In-Wonder, i'm a little disappointed with it, should have went with the Hauppauge Digital TV card instead, and gotten a 3rd party remote or something.

In other notes, My Commisions Page is basicly up. I now have to get around to cleaning it up. I realized last night I actually like writing small silly applications.