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The Nameless Site

Software and Site Updates

It seems there is a new version of Moveable Type out. And I know there was a new version of gallery out, so i really have to start updating my software over the next few days.

I had a rant, but i've gotten so tired I really forgot what it was.

Been doing alot of changes to my site, sidebar has moved, colors have changed. Started to work on a about me. Its quite lame now, and I don't think anyone would ever look at it.

I need some feedback though, going to bug people after work tommorow. I really would hope someday I can make something as good looking as Mike's Slurrey Dot com. It really doesn't have any of the fad things like opening in tiny javascript windows, 90% graphics, all these newfangled things.. Just really looks nice.

I also learned that none of my icons work in IE.. I knew transparent PNGS do not work in IE, but i didn't expect them to be that bad, i thought they would be more like the computer icon, which does seem to sorta work in IE.