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Drew Carry Show & KY

Watched some of the new episodes about half a week ago. What the hell happened? He's in some dot com company job. Mimi looks worse than ever, and about 60 years old.. and Kate is gone..

She was the best character.

Someone needs to explain it to me.. But with my luck, I'm the only one who watches it.

Lets not even start to talk about these new stream of commercials (rant I wanted to talk about last post). We have sex aid ads, church, and satellite thefts.

The Church Commercials are getting really weird, forceful almost, talking about death, and stuff like that, its getting really intrusive.

Then we have the satellite thieved commercials.. About the kid who stole a candy bar from the video store, his dads asks him where he learned how todo it, 'cause he didn't learn it from him.. The kid response with "But dad, you steal satellite signals".. Well, not only has it played so many times, its getting really really really really stupid.. more so than it started as, but it has really sad dialog, almost as bad as some of the rogers/shaw commercials.. Its just... Ugh... I really can't explain it anymore. I can't see ANY kid ever stealing because their parent (or other) is stealing satellite signals..

And lastly we have the ever ackward KY jelly commercials... er I mean Personal Lubricant... I mean, if I didn't know what KY was, it might not be so bad.. but why do they constantly have to air it during prime time? If I were to watch TV with my family, then it would be extremely ackward to come on TV.

And that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Comments #

rhonda: hey he is funny and kool and they should keep playing them all thime because he is the funnyist well i think so

molly: hey hey hey umm i am doing a repot on drew carry and i have found out really interesting things.. he is reall funny and i like his show even though i dont watch iy every day...

Jeremy: Damn strait...i wanna know what heppend to kate too.....and your right..they should keep doing that show, its awsome...e-mail me bac!