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Damn this condition

Damn this condition can be annoying.

I'm sitting here, watching this weird Eddie show which is now on FOX. Just as the commerical comes on, I notice the stack of cds I have to prepare to mail out. As a result, I get up and go start to get the stuff needed. I get downstairs so I can ask Mom what exactly i'd need to send this many cds off successfuly, I immediatly forget the fact that I'm currently in the middle of watching this show (which I have to admit, its an ... weird show), infact, the only reason I remembered at all, would be the fact that I turn around and notice that Mom is watching um... Well some other cop show, one of the first major prime time drama ones..

I know it really doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but it happends time and time again, sometimes even worse, I know if I say I've forgotten that I've been in class, it sounds like more like I have altsimer instead of ADD, but its true, i've forgotten that i'm doing things, while i'm in the middle of doing things.. Its weird.

On the other hand, I remember the first conversations i've had with just about everyone (online) since I've gotten off my medication.

I know if anyone really reads anything I write, you might notice how incoherient, and like how topics tend to switch even in the middle of paragraphs. My livejournal is way more like that, as it just is my total rambling of whatever I feel like, while I'm trying to have more public works on my website, so i've tried to make sure I prevent myself from drifting so easily.

Yea, so Damn this condition, I just have to work harder at staying focused.