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Rockport P.D

Rockpoint P.D has to be one of the BEST canadian comedies, and one of the better cop shows on tv. I know people keep making fun of the mounties, like Due South.

After seeing the ad on the tv again, i remembered how much i loved it, so i started to search the net for it (sadly, just so i could have some things to link).. Found out its actually filmed at or near langley, B.C., which makes it even cooler..

Everyone should check it out, its on comedy network.. at um..... 10:30 pm on Wensday NightsThursday Nights on 57 (Comedy Network). (sorry, I mis-read the channel listing guide thingie)

I have to rememeber to capitalize 'I' more, since i'm not using w.blogger in linux, which i can easily run through spellchecker and fix that stupid capitlization.