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My ever so lame music rant

I've noticed lately how a lot of music is mainly popular, or more noticably not popular due to how an artist acts or looks or whatever.

Micheal Jackson has some awsome music, but after his skin bleaching event, and then the child pedophile times, most people decided his music sucked. Its quite sad really, he has an awsome voice, and some cool songs, i still have some cds somewhere (mom's hidden them, or dad's taken them).

Lately i've been hearing that my all time favorite group is quite rude to people, and stuff like that. I'm not really sure why its a big deal, I love Smashmouth, specially thier _astrolounge_, i've caught myself singing it on the bus many of times. I really could care less how they treat people, i mean i hope they are good people, but in the end, does it really matter?

I've now seen how Avril Lavigne is hated because she's fake, she doesn't sing her own songs, she's not really a skater, etc... not that it really matters, i love the lyrics and the sound of her skater boy song (or however its lamely spelt), but people can't stand her scandle, so they won't listen to her music, or more importantly, won't admit to listening to it.

The same thing happened to Sailor Moon when i lived in ottawa, everyone made fun of every guy (and some girls) who ever watched it, though from what i've been told, everyone of those people, were ones who watched it...

This whole doing things due to peer pressure is stupid..

Now this whole blackballing any dixiechicks music because of the comments they freely made about the presidant is stupid, more importantly, it seems like a communist country.. you say something thats not acceptable by the whole, you are nearly shot (if they did, then it would be communism).

Its crap i tell you.

people are real stupid when it comes to peer pressure 😦