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Been trying out Day

Been trying out Day of the Tentacle again. Its kinda weird 'cause I am able to speed play the game. Like being able to grab the items without really ever having to look for them, or ask for hints from the different characters, I pretty just can finish it.. I think i'm still 2 or 3 hours in that game, but I guarantee it could be sped up to 1 hour.. less that that would be really hard.

Its an awesome game though, best of its time.. I've played it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, hence why I can finish it quickly.. It's not as funny though.. Weird.. donno if its the time, the um.. material, etc.. I think its out grown me a bit.. Ah well.

Picked up this new program called Animator. Its like made in java, but for the first time EVER, it isn't quite slow. Anyways, for the program itself, its not that um, intuitive, but it has all the options, and once you figure out a few of the small bits, it actually works great.. That's how I made the little animate gif at the top of this entry.

A while ago, I started to question why people would ever watch The Man Show, it's like very low brow humor, full of large breasted women doing nearly slutty things. I started to realize these past few weeks, that people watch it for many different reasons, I know some guys at school would like drool at all the girls and thier breasts, personally, its .. well not un-interesting, but I don't care for them that much. But for me, its a chance to relax, watch something stupid, watch people being stupid, and really not care.. I donno, it could make me a bit dirty, but by the time someone actually gets to know me, they tend to realize that, i'm not clean minded, i'm jost not as comfortable about it as most people. I've grown up online, and if you've ever seen irc quote dbs, you can easily see how dirty things get, i'm used to it, learned to be that way a bit to fit in, but still not comfortable. Yea, so I forgot my point, pretty much that its an interesting show no matter what your interests are. yea.. I guess thats it.

I still wish i had an idea of what i wanted to put in this journal/news/etc page. I think it might just be that, point out new programs i've found. review games, talk about development of programs I'm working on, etc.

Comments #

Gavin: On a semi-related note, if you haven't tried "Sam and Max hit the Road", do so. Excellent chance you'll like it if you liked DotT. Also, there is a new Sam and Max game coming soon.

Gavin: Sorry, I didn't read down far enough. I see you know about SaMHtR.

Gavin: I have, I ran into some troubles this time with scummvm.. its the best game.. well dott sure does rate up there too.

I don't know why they don't make games like that anymore, they were such a blast to blow a couple of hours on, and you could easily replay them over and over again.