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2013 In Review.

Everyone else has started to do this. I’ve been working on it for a week now for my own reasons. I apologize in advance. Overall I’d say 2013/30 has been an amazing year. (Posting it to the rarely used blog so I don't have to copy and paste all the text cross social networks.

So much more. Lets see if 2014 can be even better.

Things I wish I had done but didn't:

Oh! Some automated 2013 things:

Comments #

thaeus: That's definitely a good year. Here's to 2014!

caff: looks like overall it was a ++ year and not a -- year! happy 2014

(sorry again for accidentally dodging the quasi birthday gathering. I'm bad when people don't explicitly tell me they are birthdays and ended up helping someone with their work stuff. :x )

Gavin: I specifically Don't tell people it's my birthday. I don't really like being center of attention

caff: Yea, I figured. Someone else did that to me once, with similar effect... :x

Gavin: So yea as long as people don't bail without saying anything I don't mind at all. Things come up. Its no big deal

caff: but games!

Gavin: There are always going to be more game days.