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Futureshop Woes

So about a week ago now my camera's LCD window cracked/broke. I honestly am not sure how it happened, but i'm fairly certain, due to not having any case or other protection, its my fault.

Now that being said, the camera is barely a month old now. I got it from mom for Christmas, she paid extra for the futureshop warranty. So as its still less than a year, one would suspect the double warentee would make it easier to get things fixed. BUT NO!!!

Yea, I totally suck at forcing thier hand, but all they were doing was telling me how it was physical damage and they won't fix it. Finally I got him to tell me I could probably get the screen fixed but it would cost $200. And that if they replaced it, everyone would just drop their camera to get another one.

I've now realized that I should focus on seeing if I can get them to at least help pay for a repair, i don't need a new one, I just want my screen working again. I was prepared to shell out good bucks to pick up a good case.

It doesn't make it any easier to know I'm in the wrong this time, but I just want it fixed, I miss having the small camera already (although I can use it, its jsut hard to line up pictures properly, plus i have no idea if its zoomed or not).