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Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade

Okay, I've been sitting staring at this window for a bit now, Unable to quite get my thoughts on this game typed out properly. That is, Until I actually started to look through the screenshots, I was just going to cite this example InGame screen. Its a pretty decent example of all the ingame activity so I didn't even try to bother to find one closer back to the point in the game I was.

Now, taking a look at the rest of the screenshots, you'll have to notice that they all are pretty much the same, there is no, other parts, just chopping up people. Puzzles are barely there. If you had Knights of the Old Republic with the same interface, it would still be totally different as you'd have some semblance of a storyline there, instead of the sorta, wierd one that was added to make the game have a point (KotT not KOTOR).

Anyways, Not a fan of this game even in the slightest, I thought I was going to have another rpg to play, but sadly not so.

Not sure what else to say about it, but don't buy it unless you got so much cash to spare.