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XBOX Server Farm

Is it wrong I have an urge to put together an XBOX Server farm?

I mean, they are $199 canadian now, thats cheaper than most decent computers...

I mean, I'd replace my firewall with it if i could get a second network card in it...

Tempting no?

Comments #

Chris: Don't you have to mod the Xbox to be able to do anything useful with it like that? I'd probably get one if not for that. The games for it don't interest me, anything good is on other consoles as well.

Gavin: Actually I think you can software mod it, which is why its so cool

Chris: Is it that PSO saved game thing, or whatever it was? I wouldn't trust that, it could theoretically get automatically patched to make it stop working, if you actually use the system to play games. At least, that's my thinking. It's still a mod - if you could just go ahead and fuck with it out-of-the-box, then I'd probably get one.