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But Maaaaaa!!!

But MAAAAA, I tried to sleep! I really did!

There is nothing like depression/breakups to screw up a sleeping pattern.

Tonight was the first night I was actually tired by like 1am... But i've tried to sleep a few times since.. First my stomach wouldn't stop being hungry, no matter what I did. Then, suddently, it seemed to behave again.. So I decide to goto bed, only to have so many stray thoughts in my head.

Will I get FFX back?

I should leave the house, but ack, people out there. (I know it sounds bad.. but its true).

What do I think the perfect date is? Then i realized what I thought was a good date, was more what I wish I could do right now.. ya know, with friends. (no.. not that.. sicko).. Like play a long game of monopoly/life/etc into the wee hours of the night, when you are soo tired you are very giggly. MMMM, I loved doing that.. its been way to long since that happened.

And... I think tommorow I'll finally post to the mt-dev mailing list. I figure, If I can get them to make a slight change for the next release (would barely require any work really), then I could easily make some configuration settings for plugins.

My Idea is more. MT::App->add_config('PLUGINNAME'=>&output_function); or something. Which would add a config page to the list under weblog config or something. Then output_function would have alot of ... lets say.. $config->add_text("Desc", $var); and $config->add_blog("Desc", $blog_id); $config->add_entry("Select an entry", $entry); (not sure why anyone would use just one entry for a config.. but still) Stuff along that line... you could even have a $config->begin_group and begin_group("title") with ->end_group which would let you seperate items into groups...

Hrm.. actually, even if they don't want to incorperate this into thier thing (they are adding hooks alot for developpers 😄), I could write a plugin, that way it could even work with older versions..

This is kinda exciting.. this and the ever so boring SWR->UR mud area converter thing, I might actually have stuff to do for a while.

That and I have games I should fiinish writeups for, and new ones to try out, take screenshots, etc..

I so need update my sidebar again..


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