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2022 In Review

year-in-review, nigel6 min read

I'm bad at this, and january 2022 feels so far away

Edit: I wrote this in dec 2022, expecting my website to just work, and then found out I couldn't update the website, so spent a month trying to fix it.


  • Fixed my website (okay early 2023).

    • It was setup before covid hit, and only kinda half setup right then, and then i stopped using it. But now i'm wanting to do some updates to it, have a place to share projects, and finding I can't get it updating anymore.
    • So after like a month of delays and procrastinating, a minimal version is live again (Edit: as you can see)
  • new ultra wide monitor stardew valley

    Got a new ultra wide monitor. A Samsung Neo G9. Its a little overwhelming for some games, being too wide and too much info, but other games, like stardew valley, being able to see so much of the world. Is just amazing. I also just love it in windows for doing coding. Powertools has this amazing monitor zone tool, so I can split the screen and windows as I want.

  • Got a therapist again. Had a few misses over the year, but this one I seem to be comfortable talking with, though I'm not sure we are making any progress or setting any kinds of goals, but its nice to speak things outloud sometimes. We had some good meaningful items in december though.

  • Got re-certified/diagnosed for ADD. Was diagnosed as a child, stopped medication after highschool, but having trouble with self control, so decided to try to go back on low doses. Ran into a bunch of snags such as report took 8 weeks instead of 4 to get to me, and they didn't want to give me new meds without a heart checkup, which found something minor we are still investigating. (Edit: Feb 2022, Had covid as I was going to get my heart tested so thats delayed again)

  • With therapists's nudging, went back on hinge to try and meet new people, especially in a post covid world. (Well tried tinder at the start of the year, but that was awful), Managed to have good conversations with 5 or 6 people, met 1, didn't really work out hinge way, but made a new friend.

  • Reconnected with a couple friends I hadn't talked to in years, and very happy I did so. I think its always the right choice to say hi to people you lost touch with.

  • Made it back to the physical gym. I really enjoyed working out in the park with the trainer, but having all the equipment at the gym was good to push myself more.

  • Hurt my knee pretty badly at said gym. Lots of physio and targeted workouts later, I'm getting close to full strength again. Its kinda fun to see how people treat you with a cane, even when you are barely using it.

  • Got some new furniture (tv stand, dresser) and got rid of a bunch of old stuff that didn't fit / was just keeping in storage

  • Continued to donate blood. I'm just shy of my 10th time. I could definitely do more, but I like waiting for the mobile unit to come next door, so I only do it once every 4 months.

  • Went to capilano suspension bridge... Well not first time ever, but I don't ever remember going in the past. We planned on returning for the christmas lights, but knee kinda screwed that plan up.

  • Tried out indoor bouldering, but my rental shoes didn't fit (since got my own pair), and it was a little too close quarters for me, but I'd like to try again, especially if i can start losing weight again this year

  • Got a waffle iron and started making high protien vegan waffles on saturday morning. They are very tastey. I've actually let it slip the last few weeks and I miss them.

  • Got a Heat Pump installed in my unit. I resisted air conditioning for so many years as I always found it caused headaches and stuff. But these Mitsubishi ones are heat exchangers, so they both heat and cool, without all the power and chemicals. It seems to cool for only like 1kW/day than all the fans I had. The heating all winter has been amazing and way more efficiant than the baseboard heaters.

  • Got crowns installed on my 6 front teeth. Dentist had mentioned that my teeth, because of how many small caivities i've had, are just likely to keep cracking, and crowns would prevent needing fillings every year. Plus now my front teeth are even and honestly it feels kinda good.

  • Got a heatpump installed, its certainly made summer and winter a different and cheaper experience here.

  • Cut off all my hair and donated it again, was 6 oz of hair, it felt really good to finally be comfortable enough to goto someone to get it taken care of.

  • Started reading again, not a lot, but one maybe two books a month on average (weighed heavily to the later part of the year)

  • Knife Block

    Got a magnetic knife block for my kitchen. I absolutely love it. I can't say why other than it was so easy to grab what I want without thinking about it. No more guessing without seeing the blade.

  • Been using modo car share so much this year, its helped me feel way less trapped, especially since while I am using the skytrain as necessary, i'm not using the bus at all. I suspect strongly I'll buy my own car soon.

  • Cleaned up so much stuff. "homelab" is now downsized to just one NUC and the synology, and the homeasisstant pi. Bought shelves and lots of containers for things, with labels, so I don't have messy piles (gotta get rid of so many hdmi cables now).

  • containers on shelves containers and rest of maker workspace

    Containers for everything. Been buying banker boxes and "6-Quart Clearview Latch Box" so I can organize cables, hobby supplies, batteries, and so much more.

  • Nigel and I braved the risk of covid, and went and saw the East Van Panto this year. It was based on the little mermaid. I really enjoyed everything about it, even though again this year I didn't recognize many of the song parodies.


  • Stepped down from board after 2 year term was complete.

  • Learned about, and rolled out web components for the various sites (currently mostly just nav and footer)

  • award photo Won most valuable contributor award.

  • Converted an old 3rd party user stories site to structured and static so we could save on hosting costs.


  • Company is public so can't go into any sort of details (and probably shouldn't even if it wasn't).
  • Got re-orged in january (again), new structure wasn't really healthy and good for me, managed to find a new team and projects I liked in august.
  • Got re-structured again in november, I'm actually excited about the new upcoming team and management. 🤞🤞
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