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New Table Top RPG Tokens

This is my first post since setting up netlifycms, which is also why I haven't posted in a while, since it was harder than i wanted to add new content. So :fingerscrossed: 🤞

So onto the purpose of this post.

newly printed out tokens on a battle mat

Last week I started to prep for an upcoming table top adventure over the weekend. I was expecting to use my normal M&Ms to mark killable NPCs (cause people can eat thier souls upon death), from a stat keeping perspective, I was pretty limited to 5 items, or having to use something other than color.

So started to look around at tokens. I did manage to find a set on thingiverse, but they didn't quite meet my needs.

My buddy wetfly has started an adventure down the path of learning blender and I was pretty certain we could take blender files, and convert them to 3D print STL files. And wow did he come through. I mean they are super simple, but they worked so well (seen above). He has the stl files available in his artstation store.

I'm really happy with the outcome of these tokens. They fit well within the grid, the raised numbers make it super easy to do a different color, and thus super easy to see.

We debated about if 6 and 9 will be hard to tell the difference, so he made some with underlines. They certainly work, but I think I prefer the non underlined versions for now.

newly printed out tokens on a battle mat (underline version)