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Sometime during the last big steam sale (I think it was the summer sale) my roommate and I both picked up Terraria off of steam. I don't think either of us played it for months. It was always on the to play list, but I was busy with other games, he was busy with Minecraft. So we just put it off.

Man was that a mistake.

I played it a bit one night waiting for a group to show up for another game. The group ended up canceling so I kept playing. Next thing I had known 3 hours had gone by,  It wasn't hard to get my roommate interested. It was a simple game with low requirements.

I quickly found and setup a multiplayer server for the two of us.

Fast forward a couple weeks. I get back from family trip/PAX to find my roommate has built a couple really sweet houses.

Got my friend Nigel playing on my server the last few nights. Last night My roommate and I went down to the lava areas to mine for Obsidian, after about an hour, we came back up, to find Nigel had been busy on his own house. I can't wait to see what we do next. I think the group exploring is the most fun.

I have to say I know I've gotten my $10 worth (it was on sale, so actually less) probably a hundred times over so far.

I've always been annoyed there is no steam cloud support. You can't switch between computers to play the same character/world.

Today I remembered that dropbox is a cheap and easy cloud save game support

junction "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Terraria" Terraria