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"free laptop" facebook scam

Ah, the things that people believe on the internet. I'd like to believe its not work that is making me paranoid, but it mostly is. Plus I get paid to help try to find the flaws in things before the time is spent developing them.

The interesting about this thing, is when I first saw the title of the facebook group, I was sure that was odd, but I quickly ignored it and moved on. Then I saw it again tonight, and I started to do a bit of digging. manages to describe my thought process pretty well actually. But I went a few steps more. I got very weirded out by the fact they wanted me to use javascript to select all my friends for invite (I still can't believe I immediately recognized that javascript the second I saw it.). So after I visited the page they said you could only visit after you invited your friends (look at that, I visited it fine).

Anyways, to make a long story short, I started to dig through the js on the page, found out its essentially a small page with a ad or something to c p a l e a d (dot com, I don't want to link to it). That in itself isn't that interesting, its the fact that it tries to detect firebug so you can disable whatever it does (video maybe? I run with noscript so I don't see it).

I put the code up on pastebin @ for anyone who is curious. Its simply the only javascript on the scammers page after I ran it through the reverse dean edwards packer.