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So far this weekend I got to try two really cool demos, and one really pathetic demo.

TMNT: The Movie game really sucks, you can easily tell its the same engine as hulk, and spiderman and such. Doesn't even feel like ninja turtles except you can do some combo moves(?). I think at least, I had trouble getting anything other than the super jump to work.

Supreme Commander was pretty cool. The first level took me 1.5 hours on easy to complete, and i was shocked to see there was another level to be played after that. I guess the 1.5 gig download had alot of stuff on it 😃 Unfortunately, during the last phase of the first level, I had approx 40 guys, plus whatever the computer had fighting, and it was seriously starting to lag my machine, so I doubt i'll be picking up this game any time soon.

Command & Conquer 3 was by far the most fun, and the full motion video briefings were finally cool, except for the one time your "helper" told you to right click on something, otherwise it felt really cool (I know I already said that, but it did). Plus they got a few big name actors to go along with the ones they had in the previous games. Jennifer Morrison From House, Grace Park from Battle Star Galactica, and Billy Dee Williams from starwars. At least those are the big names I saw in the demo.

I am so pre-ordering C&C; when i get a chance this week.