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Utter crap

Went to futureshop (yea, i know, first mistake) to grab a new mouse ('cause mine suddenly started to die today) and Children of Dune to complete our dune night next week.

Well, I did find a decent mouse, not the one or kind I wanted, but a good enough one, thier stock was half missing. But when i went looking for the dvd, not only could I find nobody to help me because like half of them were standing in front of a tv watching some game (suspect olympics, didn't check), and the one i eventually found was pretty rude.

me: Do you have children of dune?
her: I'm not really sure
me: points at the screen says you do
her: Its often wrong
her: *as she checks her computer* its more often than wrong
her: Its not even listed at all
me: .. Does that mean its not carried at all? nowhere?
her: its not here and not really at other stores

Okay, not quite rude, but not very helpful.

Next went up to HMV, checked his computer, saw one, looked around, looked some more, checked places, checked his computer again, asked if i wanted him to phone other stores, etc.. Turns out even thier other store (downstairs) couldn't find the one they had in thier computer either, but they at least tried.

Ended up grabbing the last 2 boxes of futurama. So its not all bad.