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Lightsaber thoughts

I mean what self respecting geek doesn't have thoughts about building a real lightsaber one day? But man, why in the middle of the night? Okay I figured out some stuff a while back, I think at work, and just getting around to posting now.

A while back, must have been early june I guess, just after I got my think geek lightsaber (man paid too much for that), I started to look into how to make prop lightsabers for fun, so you could do those mock battles and such. During that search, I came across some sort of 'professional' scientist's take on lightsabers. Couple of really interesting points, mostly that it could be done, but you'd really have to look out for mirrored or shiny surfaces as it would reflect the cutting beam, as well as the fact you couldn't get the blades to clash at all.

Now, there's alot of different cutting tech at work, and I guess that got me thinking. I know CRTs and stuff use magnets to bend light and radation to get the effects on screen. Now.. couldn't you use magnetic fields to contain the light, still able to cut (lets say constantly shifting ... eww, polarity so it doesn't prevent you from getting near metal objects), then you would actually be able to clash lightsabers, yet still cut with the beams of light. Though I guess even then you'd have to somewhat worry about reflective surfaces.

Okay, it sounded alot more feasable in my head, now it seems just as infesable as the original article said.