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The Nameless Site

New Design And New Software

Yes, i'm back, back on Movable Type.

Back to using MTLJPost (well playing with it and upgrading to use the new MT3 stuff as much as possible.

Been anxiously awaiting sci-fi friday all weeek.

Unfortuatly being I'm in canada and have basic if that cable, i have to wait a bit longer 😦.

I mean, its not hard to tell that i'm a stargate fan, and now, there is 2 stargates and a Battlestar Galactica (which interesting enough, i went to highschool with one of the actresses) on fridays. Once I get my mythtv thing setup again properly (had cabling issues), I probably will consider ordering a dish or something so i can get this stuff properly (my tv card handles changing channels on recievers).

I'm going to try and keep this site updated again, although for whatever reasons i've stopped in the past, will probaly happen again.

Although I've gotten almost everything needed for done, just a small tweak of the ftp, and all the frontend managemnet system (like changing passwords, adding email address, etc)

Comments #

Andreas: Hello! Nice choice of design, and beautiful work on converting it to MovableType! =) I will soon be setting up a special subsection of my website, for the andreas01 template (and the other designs I have made for OSWD), and I'd like to ask if you would like me to host your MT port of it there? If so, send me an e-mail with a "out of the box"-ready version of the theme, and I'll add it to the page as the official MT version of it. You would of course get all the credit for porting it to MT (you should add a "Theme by Gavin Mogan." right before the "Design by Andreas Viklund" link. Let me know if you are interested in this, and in any case: good luck with your new design! =)