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Does music have a soul?

Watching some anime with the group, and just now watching a movie or two, I realize, even if the scene doesn't have sad stuff (or happy, narutos awesome about that), you can still very much feel really sad just by the music or sound effects at the time.

Books can invoke a strong emotional response to, but it doesn't seem to work the same way.

People should really come with personal soundtracks instead of mood rings, so those less emathic can really get a feel for the mood. Actually, I guess that could have some potential backfire eh? A sad person around others could make them all sad too. Although said sad person around happy persons could possibly change that.

Now to an extreme, what about a horny person? what soundtrack would they have? or what would others be affected by them?

Okay, its a pretty stupid idea, but man, music has such strange effects on me, specially combined with a book (used to listen to the radio while reading).