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Okay back sorta.

Been sorta, AWOL since the last batch of job hunting. Its kinda hard to get really into job hunting when you hear nothing back, and I was having fun learning C# and doing some contract work for (which i still have to get him). But thats over with now, and the fun projects have been put back on hold to create a new resume and start applying again.

I've been very impressed with most of googles new tools, just like everyone else, but I can't belive how nice the gmail notifier is. Its so much better than having the one in firefox that I've been using.

Also have up and running now. The pages will slowly start to show up as I finish any minor details on the main page.

KodeFoto was a fun project to work on. I will be working on it some more as soon as possible, but its now possible to upload images to my gallery again from windows (the linux perl client always worked).

And a final always fun reminder that Hi-Sci-Fi and Smile Like A Donut (webpages coming soon) are available for torrent downloading from

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