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More Stargate WOWs

Was watching that From Stargate To Atlantis: A Sci-Fi Lowdown special that was aired on the sci-fi channel way back when Atlantis was first aired.

They reminded us of the fact that in the first (or second) episode of Season 7, Daniel Jackson woke up naked in a field. Well the actor kindly pointed out, that this park was in surrey, and made some snide comment about the state of the park.

Walking to work this morning reminded me of just how close stargate is. Vancouver is so full of movie productions. Walking by 7-11 this morning to get some stuff for the office, the entire city block was lined with movie and power trucks. mmmm, those power boxes look so sexy.. er um, yea, So far working downtown, I have seen the filming of Tru Calling(tv), The Fantastastic Four(Movie), Smallville Season 4 Ep 1 (i managed to see that ep, not being a fan, that was suprising, but i reconignized the scenes from outside my office), And this week has been the Pink Panther which I missed most of, but did get a notice on the office door that there would be filming around.

After those named shows, I have also seen all kinds of misc movie crews around filming various items for various unnamed shows.

Anyways. back to stargate, I wish I had heard of this "Get in the gate" contest earlier, I would have entered. I would love to have some way of being involved in a project that everyone enjoys so much, that I can contribute to others enjoyments, and well, its stargate 😃.

On another note, benq e30 cameras suck, It really broke after the first week i had it.. I have to phone them soon, but they are only open during my office hours, and I never remember to bring the cell and call at lunch.