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Stargate Atlantis


It seems that Stargate Atlantis is almost here. Infact the specs on the pilot episode are up and published.

I really can not wait... WHEEEEEE!!!!!

< --- Super stargate fan!!!

Comments #

Chris: Cool. I'll have to let one of my friends know about this, he's a huge Stargate fan as well. Of course, he probably already knows.

I never really watched much past the first 2 or 3 seasons.

Gavin: Well one of my friends knows the SG-1 Writer.. she keeps hinting at letting me meet him and be all fanboyie...

she's evil.

shawn: As much as I don't want it to, I have a feeling that Atlantis is going to let me down. The fact that they're wearing non-standard SG uniforms seems like a really bad sign to me.

Gavin: I'm more against it because of the fact that the ever so annoying rival of dr carter will be staring it it.

But they arn't really SGC personelle or something are they?