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Anyways, Lionel and I met a guy a few days ago at the bank. He said he worked in the IT field, and would like to go out for coffee some time... I donno how to explain it, but i felt something was wrong.. I showed no interest in him, yet he still wanted me along? probably not, but still.

Anyways, he called me last night while I was out with Alana. I didn’t recognize the number, so I phoned him back.. he was quite pushy about making plans then, but i was like “No no, busy now, i’ll call you back later” (the first time i was polite, the second time i was Insistent). Mainly for the fact I wanted to hang out with alana more before her bus got there (well mine came first, but thats something else), and mostly ‘cause he was so pushy.

This morning when Lionel got online, I asked if he got a phone call. Apparently he did, and were meeting tonight. But just before then I got the email about some of our old classmates meeting up, so we decided to goto that, the dinner half, then to meet this guy.

Now comes the best part.. When we finally got around to sitting down with the guy, we were both under the impression that he was going to attempt to hire us.. BUT NO!!! he was trying to recruit us, for some sort of scam/pyramid scheme or whatever it was called... I immediately lost interest when the first thing he started todo was really lecture us on business models, and more importantly “I’m not here to hire you guys”. I sorta half zoned out, like I do with mom, so he thinks I’m listening, and to an extent I was, but moreso to know when to cue a response.

Finally came the website, and asked if we heard of it... Lionel just paused... said sorry I have to go, and we left.

Apparently his brother has been approached by this site stuff before.