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Dawn of the dead

Went and saw Dawn of the Dead with a bunch of old classmates. It was good to hang out with evan again, and I havn't seen Malcom or Baastian or Patrica (who was so different this time, it was weird) in like a LONG time. So it was really cool. Went to Japanese resteraunt, tried japanese food for the first time, since it was all you can eat, I like that kind of food, I've finally had the chance, so it was good.

The movie however, was not as expected.. about 10 minutes into the movie (30 min in 😄 silly commercials), I was like. what did I get myself into? But I have to say, even though it was totally predictable (Which evan and I think it was done that way to make it easier to watch), It was a good movie, not really my type, but good never the less.

Then he was nice enough to drive me home. So we like hung out like we used to do, Its kinda cool that way.

I miss evan. Maybe when the season ends we'll hang out some more, and/or when I'm not so far away from him.

Anyways, its stupidly late, and I'll surely regret it on monday, So I'm going to bed. I'll officially release MTLJPost 1.6 tommorow when its finished being tested.

PS. Its not fun.. okay it was fun when they kept teasing me about working for a porn company... apparently evan was telling everyone.. I guess a bit proud? that was kinda cool.