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Yea. Really lacking in interesting content lately, mainly due to working hard to complete projects and just.. working.

Yea, I've start back into trying to code alot, Its something I really like doing whenever I can. Last week I devoted myself to learning and expeanding my knowledge of php, postgresql, and OO PHP. And I can say I really enjoyed it.

This week I'm falling in love with mod_perl. I will be unveiling a project soon, its getting near completion. Its really quite simple, but It will make creating a linux jukebox alot easier.

I am quite excited about it. Its one of my old projects, back when I knew nothing about perl, so its quite enjoyable to redo it. And the performance over straight cgi perl is so... I can actually hear/feel it, much faster, computer doesn't grind/etc.


So stay tuned (If there are any who are paying attention to this anyways).

(watch out for a new layout soon too. 'Cause I've finally started to realize how crappy this one is)