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Comedy while half asleep

This weeks who's line is it anyways is so awesome.

I can't stop laughing

I'm sure its 'cause I'm so tired.

Tommorow is a busy day. I hope i can get everything I need done before I goto anime club.

I start off with a phone call up to PTAS to quit. I just can't do that job.

Then finish off the work on the portal system. Cleaning up, adding more documentation, packing it up, and sending it off.

I can't begin to communicate the absolute respect and admiration I've gained in the past 2-3 days while working with postgresql.

I think my next immediate project would be to clean up this cool phpdoc program I've found. Unless I can find something better in the mean time. Or maybe actually get around to getting MT-Blacklist working with mod_perl. I donno. I have to say, its been an enjoyable week so far. Tiring, but enjoyable.