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Went to half priced book with Alex. Halfpriced Books was doing this sale. Whatever you can fit in this box, you get for $20..

Got a good booklist..

  • Mastering ColdFusion 4.5

  • Bridge Quiz Book - The Shortest Cut to Expert Play (Giving it to dad)

  • Y2K - Family Survival Guide (Sorta got it 'cause we had room in the box)

  • Programming with Python

  • Windows Web Scripting Developer's Guide

  • Perl to Python Migration

  • Win 95 Game Programming (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • GTK+ Programming in C

  • Adobe Photoshop 6.0 - Web Design with Image Ready 3 and GoLive 5

  • Inside ATL

  • The Internet Joke Book!

  • Writing CGI Applications with Perl

  • Sams Teach Yourself KDE 1.1 in 24 Hours (Just Realized this is just day to day use, not programming)

  • Client / Server Programming with RPC and DCE

  • Teach Yourself Shell Programming (I found this book on the table, asked if it was one of the books included in the sale, so she put the sticker on it :D :D :D *****)

  • Beep The Definitive Guide

Plus I got a smiles book for $0.99

Plus the stuff alex got.

Total came out to $22.46

Total Saved: 1,426.58!

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