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Gay Marrages

Its only a matter of time before some activist group pushes for same person marriages...

That gives a whole new meaning to "I now prounce you man and wife"

Lets just not bring up the whole, honeymoon thing okay?

[Disabled comments and stuff 'cause people didn't realize i was making fun of activsts. I really didn't care that you found gay marriages wrong and all the other crap]

Comments #

Cy Schubert: Let me just prefix this by saying that I know quite a few gay people. Though they're wired differently, nice people.

When it comes to gay marriages, generally I see no problem, however what if they adopt children? Do the children have a mom and a dad, two moms, or two dads? Has anyone actually thought about this?

Gavin: I have no problem with this either. I was just having fun with "I now pronouce you man and wife" and the activists.

I was out with someone that night who was such a blind activist. Tis all.

Emily & Kelsi: i think that it is so dumb how they wont let gay and lezbians get marries!!! think if they were some of you who love eachother from the same sex!!!! what if they couldnt yeah they woulnt like it and wouldnt see a problem with it but oh my god it is sooooooooo messed up! i am all for marrying the same sex! And its basically none of other peoples buisness who people are attracted to!