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Sucky story teller, interesting stories

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Oh yea... interesting bus stories (short 'cause i'm tired)

  • Got to burrard station.. had a guy like "I am trying to take the last 310 to coquitlum, and i only have $1.80, do you have any spare change"

Now while I usually am totally willing to help out in this matter, and infact did, LAST TIME I WAS THERE! yes, thats right, a month ago, after the last lj meetup, I got asked by the same guy for some change for the bus, 'cause he was short.... This time I noticed he actually put out a half smoked cig... This really doesn't seem to me like someone who is short on money. Clean clothes, nice telus hat, etc... DAM SCAMMERS! ruining it for everyone else.. now i'll never help people like that agian :(

  • Second stop on the 98 line... Two .. well moderatly buzzed older guys got on the bus.. Overheard them yell out to some (young) girls "Its mardi gras week!" and something about beads

They ended up sitting near me... so i overheard the rest of the conversation. apparently, if this guy was to drop his pants, they'd show them something, i'd assume flash her chest.

Rest of the trip home was um... impatient as i drank too much at boston pizza tonight

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